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Meet Seeyu Studios

Our Story

Our Vision

To give brands the power to lead with an enriched spirit that creates a meaningful impact on people's lives.

Our Mission

To provide technical and creative digital solutions that empower entrepreneurs and service professionals to move their businesses forward.

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🌱 Vision, Roots & Team Building
as a Boutique Creative Agency

With 8 years of freelance digital marketing experience under her belt, Lisa Yu launched a creative agency, "WWW Productions" in March of 2016, which focused on brand design, content marketing and video production for small businesses worldwide.


👁️🗨 Refining Our Purpose, Identity, Direction as a Strategy-First Agency

In December of 2018, the agency rebranded from WWWP to Seeyu Studios Inc. We expanded from a tight-knit team of service providers into a strategy-forward, full-service marketing agency helping emerging and evolving brands grow online.


📍 Focus on Helping eCommerce Startups & Local Businesses Grow Online

Business owners around the world were faced with all sorts of challenges impacted by COVID-19 & its restrictions.

Our team took on new and challenging projects where we helped eCommerce startups accelerate growth and local brick & mortar store owners transition their physical businesses online.

2022 & Onwards

🖤 Introducing: Seeyu Academy
Along with the launch of a rebrand and new website this year, we'll be launching a new line of digital products, and will be collaborating with a select number of BC businesses to help even more local brands thrive online.

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."

My Founder Story

By Lisa Yu

✈️ my Journey From FLIGHT ATTENDANT x FREELANCER to digital Agency Entrepreneur

In 2015, I realized my dream of becoming a flight attendant for a world-class airline. This gave me the opportunity to travel between Vancouver, Hong Kong, and New York for my "day job" while working as a freelance digital consultant.

While I was enjoying my travels, I couldn't help but feel the pull to work on more creative projects. I loved the challenge of working with clients in different markets and collaborating with visionaries who could teach me as much as I could help them.

It was during one of my layovers in New York City that I decided to launch my own creative studio business. I was deeply inspired by the vibrancy, diversity, and endless energy of the people I'd met and the places I'd been to.

That's how "Seeyu Studios" came to be.

The name is a play on the words "see you", based on the idea that creative work thrives when we can see things differently: the world, and ourselves.

As our client base & team grew, I eventually left the aviation industry to take on agency entrepreneurship full-time.

I had my “aha” moment when I discovered our agency’s greatest strength is in helping others discover and uncover theirs.

Just like you, every business owner we’ve collaborated with is amazing at what they do, and more people need to know about it.

This concept has really given our agency a clear purpose, identity, and direction we felt was a right fit to move forward with.

Throughout the last 6 years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with web design and digital marketing clients around the world–from Los Angeles to New York City to London to Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, just to name a few.

We’ve created content for businesses in all industry types and niches, ranging from SaaS, home furniture, dental, legal/notary, business & finance, real estate, property management, wholesale import/export, construction, education, automotive, healthcare & wellness, beauty/cosmetics, non-profit, restaurants, and more.

More recently, we helped local businesses in part of BC’s Launch Online program, which provided $42 million of grant funding to help small- & medium-size BC businesses launch an eCommerce store or booking system to move their business model online.

Our goal now is to help even more small businesses grow online.


My Aha  moment which took me FROM Exploring new CITIES to Discovering new markets 🌐


a story rooted in DETERMINATION + spirit + NEW YORK CITY MAGIC ✨

We’ve seen how our work has created tremendous change in our clients’ lives as well as their customers’.

No matter what stage your business is at, we believe you also have the potential to manifest a strong impact and use compelling content to convert traffic, leads and sales for your business.

And the story of how Seeyu Studios began is one that’s full of determination, spirit, and New York City magic.

We hope our story will inspire you to see your business and the world a little differently, too.

Because you’re great at what you do.

We see you.

Let's collaborate to help others see it, too.


“Lisa was great and a pleasure to work with!”

MIKA O. / Founder & CEO, Sustainable eCommerce Brand (California, USA)


“Stellar content strategy and blueprint for success!"

OSCAR I. / Founder & CEO, AI Chatbot Development Company (Florida, USA)


"Amazing work and the best communication I have seen in a project for a while! Lisa is a star! A+++"

DAN B. / Founder & CEO, Digital Marketing Agency (Kuala Lumpur, MY)